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Interest Rates
Housing Fixed 6 months 5.25% pa
Housing Fixed 6 months special rate* 4.95% pa
Housing Fixed 12 months 4.79% pa
Housing Fixed 12 months special rate* 4.30% pa
Housing Fixed 18 months 4.85% pa
Housing Fixed 18 months special rate* 4.39% pa
Housing Fixed 24 months 5.05% pa
Housing Fixed 24 months special rate* 4.65% pa
Housing Fixed 36 months 5.29% pa
Housing Fixed 36 months special rate* 4.89% pa
Housing Fixed 60 months rate 5.99% pa
Housing Fixed 60 months special rate* 5.59% pa
Variable Rate Loan 5.80% pa
FlexiLoan Variable Rate 5.80% pa
**Default interest rate (variable) / Unarranged Overdraft Interest Rate 22.50% pa
Overdraft - Secured variable 15.50% pa
Overdraft - Unsecured variable 19.50% pa
Overdraft - Unarranged variable 22.50% pa
Personal loan - Secured fixed (minimum loan amount $10,000) 12.95% pa
Personal loan - Unsecured fixed 17.45% pa
Personal loan - debt consolidation fixed 15.95% pa
Low Equity Margin (LEM bands)
Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) LEM
80.01% - 85.00% LVR 0.30% pa
85.01% - 90.00% LVR 0.75% pa
90.01% - 95.00% LVR 1.30% pa
> 95.01% LVR 1.50% pa
Rates effective on and from 9:00am 16 February 2018
Savings Account
Transaction Account
High Interest Transaction Account
Credit Cards
Term Deposits

Low Equity Margin (LEM) is an interest margin that applies when you borrow more than 80% of your property's value. The actual LEM charged depends on the loan to value ratio (LVR) which is calculated as total borrowings divided by the total value of the security property.

This amount varies. For further details please call 0800 500 400. Use the below table to estimate the amount of your LEM.

At any time six months after the date of initial drawdown you may request a reduction or removal, as the case may be, of the Low Equity Margin applicable to a facility. We can choose whether or not to approve your request. We will determine such request on the basis of your applicable LVR at the date of such request. To make such determination we may require you to provide us with a current registered valuation of the relevant property or properties at your expense.

We will periodically review your Low Equity Margin against your LVR to ensure it is still applicable to your Facility. We may change your Low Equity Margin to a lower margin in accordance with our Low Equity Margin Bands or remove the Low Equity Margin entirely if it no longer applies based on your LVR.

We will notify you in writing of any change to, or removal of, your Low Equity Margin as the case may be.

Home loan terms and conditions: BankDirect lending criteria, terms and fees apply. Interest rates are subject to change. A loan processing fee of $400 may apply. An early repayment adjustment fee may apply. A Low Equity Margin may apply.

*A minimum of 20% deposit or an LVR of 80% or less in the security property applies. These specials do not apply to loans for business purposes, bridging loans, or other BankDirect discounts.

FlexiLoan Home Loans: The Variable Rate applies to all FlexiLoan and FlexiLoan Reducing facilities documented before 31 October 2016.

Personal loan and Overdraft terms and conditions: BankDirect lending criteria and terms apply. An establishment fee of $15 applies for Overdrafts and $250 may apply to Personal loans. A PPSR(security registration fee) of $25 will apply for secured Personal Loans.

A personal loan cannot be used for business purposes. A personal loan for debt consolidation cannot be used to repay an existing BankDirect personal loan.

**When you default on any of your loans and the deduction account is overdrawn or in excess of an agreed overdraft limit. The interest will be calculated daily on the overdrawn amount, or the amount in excess of the agreed limit, at the Unarranged Overdraft interest rate until paid in full.

BankDirect's Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to the fees page for applicable fees.

For Home Loans please also refer to the Home Lending General Terms and Conditions and the Mortgage Memorandum.

For Personal Loans please also refer to the Facility Agreement for Secured Loan and the Personal Loans General Terms and Conditions.

For Credit Cards and Overdrafts please refer to the BankDirect Terms and Conditions

Interest rates are subject to change.

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